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Farm Open Day 

We would love to welcome all our customers to the farm to enjoy the flowers and get to see first hand where your blooms are coming from. Lunch and drinks are on us so we can chat and eat amongst the flowers. Please register for a ticket so we have a clear idea of numbers. 


Flower Crown Workshop

Get your creative juices flowing and your flower fix all in one go at our flower crown workshop. This is truly a bespoke experience as not only do we supply the flowers but we start the morning strolling through our rose fields letting you cut your favourite roses and dahlias to use in your crown.

This workshop is perfect equally for beginners or people familiar with flower arranging who want to try their hand at something different. 

morning of making flower crowns is a perfect way to celebrate a hens or a birthday or just have fun! Especially when we provide the bubbles. If you are wanting a private flower crown workshop please see the private event below for details otherwise see below for our next open event.

This course is being held by appointment please contact us for ticket prices depending on your group size. A light lunch is provided. Tickets can be purchased by following the link below. Flowers crowns will last well over the weekend to be worn fresh or can be dried for longer term decorative use.

Peony Planting and Growing Workshop


Want some beautiful peony goodness in your own backyard but would like a bit of help learning how to plant and look after your new plant baby? Come along to farm on May 13, 2023 and join us for a hands on peony workshop. At the workshop you will learn about the right soil conditions needed for your peony to thrive, planting, watering, fertilising, pruning and harvesting blooms.


As part of the course you will also get a coral charm peony tuber to take home and plant - don't worry though your peony tuber does not need to be planted for quite some time after you take it home meaning you do not have to have anything prepared before you come to the workshop. This workshop is suitable for beginners and seasoned gardeners alike.

This workshop is held in Autumn which is perfect peony planting time!

This course has limited numbers and is $75 per person. This includes your own peony tuber to take home and plant. Tickets can be purchased from the link below. 


Upcoming Events

  • Flower Crown Workshop (private)
    Flower Crown Workshop (private)
    Saturdays only by appointment
    September Peony @ Wylie Creek Farm
    Saturdays only by appointment
    September Peony @ Wylie Creek Farm, Mount Lindesay Rd, Wylie Creek NSW 2372, Australia
    Saturdays only by appointment
    September Peony @ Wylie Creek Farm, Mount Lindesay Rd, Wylie Creek NSW 2372, Australia
    A beautiful and unforgettable flower crown workshop where you can harvest fresh roses for your very own crown! Organised just for your private group
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